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                                                           African Mango Extract

Many people look for African mango to add it to their diet since the minerals within may help to manage weight or lose weight, African Mango with green tea extract is the perfect combination to jump start a diet. We have been told that African mango may give metabolism a boost. African mango and green tea extract may support a healthy blood sugar by decreasing the amount of insulin. 

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                                    Pineapple Extract Tea

When Pineapple tea is blend with green tea, Garcinia Cambogia and Senna leaf. It makes a perfect combination that may improve digestion and it might also cleanse the body naturally. This all happens due to it is boost immune system powers. It is cleanse powers after the body so it is capable to dispose the waste in the digestive system. All of this with a sweet and pineapple flavor tea. 

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